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I am Kittie hear me RAWR!

I am currently 21 years old born on July 14th. I am pretty much both genders. My body may be female, but my mind is both. My sexuality is gay, I only like men in a gay way, and I only like woman is a gay way. Hetero sex freaks me out. No lie.

I live in the smallest state in the country, in a town people call "The Bucket." I hope to some day get out of here. My impossible dream is to live in Japan. I love everything Japanese. The culture, the music. I wanna Go to the concerts of my favorite groups from Hello! Project, and enjoy the life there.

I roleplay a number of characters in different places. I am part of Final Fantasy Tumblr as both Aerith and Blank. I am part of Kingdom Hearts Tumblr as Cheshire Cat and I run Chrono Cross Tumblr and play Harle
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These are the things you will find on my blog.

- Hello! Project
- Harry Potter
- Labyrinth
- David Bowie
- Darren Criss
- Glee
- Rainbows
- Japanese Fashion
- Lime Green
- Zebras
- Vampires
- Anime
- Final Fantasy
- Art
- Kingdom Hearts